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Tear Troughs

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Deepened tear troughs have the ability to make us look tired and “run down.” This is a complex area with a great deal of movement, lymphatic drainage, unique structural attachments and thin skin which may or may not mean nothing to you but to an injector?!?!! We call it thought provoking 😉.

When we fill the tear troughs, typically the appearance is improved if we are conservative with the initial visit (pictured: one visit filler results) and for me, that is a goal of filling to about 80% and adding at least mild “support” with cheek filler. We can always add more filler at a future visit but creeping up on this area is an attempt to allow for allergy season, celebration dinners, emotional moments, health changes, early morning meetings, zoom calls that pick up very weird shadow possible 😆 and typical shifts with lymphatic drainage. Good luck with that 🙂🙃🙂!

What’s the biggest difference seen between the before and after? The deeply shadowed region now has more light which our brains tend to interpret as more refreshed.

This industry leader has a bit more vibrant look to match her spunky personality.

May age never stand in our way!

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