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When aging necks receive a little love

Necks can be one of the most challenging areas to treat and they are each unique in their own way. Like many other areas, I believe the evaluation and individualized plan are key to optimal results. These are non-surgical results. The last picture is courtesy of this awesome patient and so you can see that the lighting is different but we are seeing tremendous results in patients when combination treatments are used. Personally, I believe the best results can be seen over a 6 month time frame as we stage our procedures and results. No, these are NOT CHEAP outcomes, these are GOOD outcomes.

What treatments will benefit you most? Each plan must be individualized. Every provider sees things uniquely and you must find the provider that matches your needs best.

Cost? $2500 +

(There is no commitment by just coming in to consult.)

Is it worth it? If you want to see results: yes !

For a consult with me, Katie Allen, PA-C, to see what plan is best for you, call 770-534-1856.

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