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When they think you're frowning ALL OF THE TIME

Do people think you are frowning when you have a neutral facial expression? This can be true of someone with unfair genetics in the lower face but this is most commonly seen or worsened as aging occurs for a variety of reasons but some of the most common reasons are a loss of volume in the lower face and changes to the skin turgor. For the purpose of this post, the focus is on the loss of volume. This occurs partially with bone resorption but also with loss of volume in the fat of the face. When filler is placed in just the right spaces to replace the lost volume, we will see improvement of light reflection by decreasing those shadows which also contributes to an appearance of brightening of the skin which gives a healthier appearance to the tissues. In some cases, added Botox in this region may also help with smoothing of the tissues. For me, the best results are in a staged treatment plan where we start with our deeper zones and then have my patient return at least a month from that visit for a completion procedure to address the remaining details. Skin care is a separate topic but also so important.

The redness is gone with a couple of hours, the spots can be wiped away, any uneven qualities from the trauma will settle within days and we will look for our results in a week (hint: a little Botox in the right areas may be kicking in as well).

Invest in you! It’s hard to put a price tag on confidence.

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